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Dijest makes email newsletters more... dijestible.

Use your Facebook page or blog to build newsletters in minutes.

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Pick the juiciest stories from your RSS feeds and social accounts...

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Automated email newsletters of all your best content...

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Fresh, home-grown content, delivered direct to your readers...

...all without writing a line of code.

"Dijest provides a delightfully simple process for my clients such as Football365 and TEAMtalk to quickly and easily create emails to regularly communicate with their audiences. It allows editorial teams to quickly tell their fans about the latest and most entertaining content with ease and get on with the job of creating yet more great content."

Andy Roberts - Sports Media Marketing Consultant, The Marketing Equation

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Seamless Integration.

Dijest makes an excellent pairing with your existing email client and social media accounts. Connecting an email provider takes seconds – and means you'll never have to copy over your contact lists – while Twitter and Facebook integration makes sharing delicious content as simple as possible.

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One-Click Styling

There's no coding required to cook up an eye-catching, responsive email – advanced image recognition even automatically resizes your images for you. With a number of themes and layouts available, and a simple drag-and-drop interface, building and styling your next email newsletter can be as automated or à la carte as you like.

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Intelligent Content.

Dijest is driven by social media analytics, ranking your content by social engagement – so you can make sure you're serving up stories that go down well. Whether you're sharing homegrown articles or ordering in from thought leaders, blogs and news sites across the web, you can be sure your email comms are optimised to encourage clicks and engagement.

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Dijest Features

Dijest's unique email automation, RSS and content curation features really break the mold, with a focus on producing something that looks great as quickly as possible – so you can focus on what's important, rather than spending too much time sourcing content and tweaking your email templates.

Clean and simple RSS reader

RSS is still an incredibly useful tool for content marketers, and Dijest's set menu features an in-built RSS reader that makes bookmarking and sharing content – as well as importing it directly into your email newsletters – a five-star experience.

Automated Email Marketing

Pick your theme, data sources and time periods once, and you're done. Dijest will auto-update your template and send to your connected contact list at the frequency of your choosing. Our intelligent algorithms will do all the work for you, ensuring your email newsletter is always served as fresh as possible.