Power your email newsletter from your company Facebook page

Your company Facebook page can make the perfect newsletter data source. It makes sense to share anything you think will be of interest to your customers via Facebook, and whilst the Facebook algorithms mean that the content you share isn’t always visible to your followers the nuggets that really strike a cord can get a decent audience. Dijest uses these engagement metrics to find and sort the best content, automatically turning it into an engaging email newsletter for distribution to your mailing list.

This tutorial guides you through the process of setting up your Dijest trial account and building your newsletter from your Facebook page.

1: Connecting Facebook

Having created your Dijest trial, you may have already connected to your Facebook page. If not select ‘Application Settings’ from the Settings menu in the top right of the Dijest App and select the ‘Integrations’ tab. Click on the ‘Connect Facebook’ it should open a popup facebook window that requests you to login to connect Facebook with Dijest. If this window does not appear your browser’s popup blocker may have blocked it, in which case you will need to disable the blocker for the Dijest application.

Once you have entered your Facebook details you will be presented with a list of the Facebook pages that you have management of.

Select the page that you wish to use as your newsletter data source. Save your changes to return to the main app window.

2. Building the Newsletter

Now we are going to set your Facebook page as the data source for your newsletter. Make sure that you are in the ‘Newsletter’ section of the app and click on the ‘Options’ sub tab in the far right hand corner.

From the ‘Newsletter Data Source’ drop down menu select ‘Facebook Page’. The ‘Time Period’ setting beneath this, dictates how far back Dijest looks when finding compatible stories. Ideally you want about 10 stories to create a newsletter. If you plan to send out a newsletter every week then you would set this to 7 days, for a month you would set it to 30 days. This helps to prevent you from including the same story more than once.

3. Style and Send

Ok you should now have the makings of an email newsletter on your screen. But it probably doesn’t look very pretty, so it’s time to upload your logo, choose a template and set the colors to represent your company and your brand. This is also done from the ‘Options’ menu.

Once you have it looking good send yourself an email preview click on the ‘Send Newsletter’ button and choose ‘Send Preview’ this will email a copy of the email to you. At this point you could choose to download an HTML copy of the email to send however you wish… but we would recommend that you connect your Dijest account with one of the specialist ESP’s that we support. These companies are masters of deliverability and make it easy for you and your newsletter readers to manage subscriptions and unsubscriptions. They also provide comprehensive analytics on how well your newsletter engages with your readers.